Press Release: Local Muslim organisations team up to provide winter shelter for the homeless

As temperatures drop, the welfare of the many homeless in Birmingham is a real concern. Figures show that Birmingham has one of the highest death rates of homeless people in the West Midlands. Data from the ONS (Office for National Statistics) revealed that 15 people died sleeping rough in the city in 2021.


That’s why Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre, As-Suffa and Masjid Al Falaah have partnered up again this year to deliver a winter night shelter for the homeless.


As in previous years, the homeless will be given a place to stay overnight this winter, in As-Suffa’s shelter at Lionel Street in Birmingham City Centre. The project started two weeks ago and has already been very popular with the homeless, many having attended in previous years. The shelter will continue over the next two months, and will also provide meals, counselling and assistance in finding long-term housing solutions.


The project has been sponsored financially by Islamic Relief UK and Specsavers, with manpower provided from volunteers in the community.


As some volunteers assist in the city centre based shelter, others will be supporting and sign posting those in need throughout Birmingham City Centre. The scheme will be led by a large set of volunteers from the Mosques across Birmingham who will, on rota, take time away from their families to support those in need.


Muhammad Ali, Welfare and Youth manager at Green Lane Masjid said:

“Alhamdulillaah (praise be to God), we have partnered once again with Masjid Al Falaah and As-Suffa to deliver our annual night shelter. Green Lane Masjid runs a number of welfare services and we have seen a significant increase in demand due to the cost of living crisis. Our food bank is now seeing up to 70 service users a week and our Zakat (financial hardship fund) spend is expected to more than double that of previous years to £200k. Islamic Relief and Specsavers have generously agreed to fund a significant portion of the night shelter expenses, allowing us to run the project 7 days a week for the next two months. Without the night shelter, many across our city will be left to sleep rough on the streets, in potentially freezing temperatures.”

Tabraz Khan, Support Services Lead at As-Suffa commented:

“As-Suffa has been working with people who are experiencing homelessness for over a decade and we feel it’s only right that we assist the residents of Birmingham in their time of need. As-Suffa is delighted to join forces with Green Lane Masjid and Masjid Al Falaah to run the night shelter once again, During the last winter shelter we provided shelter to over 100 different individuals. Together, we will work to provide a dignified and secure environment for those in need, whilst also trying to help people rebuild their lives.”

Adil Parkar, General Secretary at Masjid Al Falaah mentioned:

“It is extremely worrying to see the alarming number of Brummies that are homeless or in substandard temporary accommodation during these cold winters. With a price rise crisis, this is the time for us all to come together to help not only the homeless but those in low-income households who may also be facing the risk of homelessness. The challenge is on our door step and we call upon on all our local stakeholders to align to a goal of zero homelessness in Birmingham.”

The project welcomes more volunteers, donations and support from the community, to help make this shelter a success.

Mustafa Hussein, an Imam at Green Lane Masjid commented:


“God reminds us repeatedly to feed and look after the poor and needy. As Muslims we must fulfil our obligations. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) said:

“He is not a believer whose stomach is full while his neighbour goes hungry.”


The shelter is located at Arch 22, Lionel Street, B3 1AQ and will be open every night from 8PM – 8AM and will have the capacity to feed 150 individuals, whilst housing 15 to 20 people every night.


For more information on how to get involved, please email:


Shaykh Abu Usaamah

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