PRESS RELEASE: Horrific Attack on elderly Muslim man in Birmingham

PRESS RELEASE: Horrific Attack on elderly Muslim man in Birmingham

Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre (GLMCC) is shocked and horrified to hear of an elderly Muslim man being set alight in a horrific attack in Edgbaston yesterday evening at 7pm. The elderly man was returning home after attending Dudley Road Masjid (mosque).


Our thoughts and prayers are with our elderly brother and his family. We pray that Allah (God) cures him with a cure that leaves no illness behind, and gives him and his family sabr (patience) through this difficult time.


West Midlands Police has been in contact with mosque leaders to assure them that they are treating this incident very seriously.   This is an active investigation and things are moving rapidly. There are reports that a man has been apprehended in the Dudley Road Masjid area, with videos of this being circulated too.


Mohammed Saeed, Chair of Trustees at GLMCC commented:

“As one of the largest mosques in Birmingham, we appreciate that there may be heightened concerns within the community, particularly with this incident being so close to the start of Ramadan. We want to reassure the community that there will be extra stewards over Ramadan to help allay any fears.”


We are aware that there was a similar incident outside UKIM West London Islamic Centre on February 27th, only a few weeks ago.  It is important that we allow West Midlands Police to carry out their investigation and that we don’t jump to any conclusions regarding the two incidents or the circumstances behind them.


We are asking everyone to be more vigilant and we pray that Allah allows the culprit to be caught very quickly and brought to justice.


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