The Budding Believers Club was set up in 2013, and by the grace of Allah (SWT) has grown in popularity every year since then. We are a Club for primary school aged children (Reception-Year 6), our objective is to teach about Islam in a fun, creative way.

Our vision at Budding Believers Club is to nurture within our young children a love and passion for authentic Islam, and to equip them with the social skills and the Islamic etiquettes to be successful in both the Deen and the Dunya.

Alhamdulillah, we have well over 150 children attending every session, and at the end of term we receive continuous positive feedback from parents, and it is clear from the response of the children that they really love our sessions

The children in our society are the youth and leaders of tomorrow; we feel privileged to be able to nurture them and instil in them a love for attending the Masjid.

Teaching Methods

By understanding how children learn best we have included many styles of learning in our teaching at BB Club:

  • Auditory learning (listening)
  • Visual learning (looking)
  • Kinaesthetic learning (moving/touching/active)

We strongly believe that learning should be fun and this is exactly what we aim for our teaching to be at BB Club! Our sessions are engaging, lively and interactive. Children are taught through stories, activities, arts and crafts, role-play, group discussions and teamwork.

These varied teaching methods captivate the hearts and minds of the children, build curiosity and encourage a love for coming to the masjid; they see the beauty of Islam and learn good etiquettes that shape their character and daily conduct.


BB Club sessions are held once a month on a Sunday morning, 9.45am-12.30pm. We have 6 sessions a term, and the year is made up of 2 terms. At the end of the year children move up to the next group, similar to how they would at school. This allows progression so they cover all the content we offer.

Children are divided into year groups, from Reception to Year 6, and are taught according to a specific syllabus. Tailored lesson plans for each group cover a number of different topics over the course of the sessions, with an emphasis on the Islamic perspective.

Children are taught in groups that correlate with their equivalent school year groups. We have 6 groups:

  • Sabr A: Reception
  • Sabr B: Year 1
  • Ihsan: Year 2
  • Shukr: Year 3
  • Iklaas: Year 4, 5, 6 Girls
  • Taqwa: Year 4, 5, 6 Boys

The children are taught in mixed gender groups, until year 4 upwards, when boys and girls are taught separately. Each group has a maximum of 30 children with 1 main teacher and between 1-3 assistants.

The sessions are held in state of the art classrooms with whiteboards and monitors for PowerPoint presentations.


We have a syllabus with tailored lesson plans for each year group, and age appropriate topics. If your child has not attended the Club from Reception, this is not an issue, as the teachers and lessons do not assume prior knowledge. We teach each topic in its own right and children are easily able to keep up with the pace.

Our topics are as follows:

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All staff working at the Budding Believers Club are fully DBS checked. Our teachers are excellent practitioners who are either PGCE qualified, or have teaching experience.


We take a registration fee of £30 per term. This allows you to sign your child up to BB Club for 6 months at a time.


Registrations are normally taken online before the start of each term.

Children already enrolled at BB Club can be reregistered for the new term at the final session.

If we are in the middle of a term, please get in touch to check if any spaces are available. Ordinarily we do not allow children to be registered beyond 2 months in to a particular term.

For more information please email:

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