Alhamdullilah, we have secured land adjacent to the masjid to extend our existing site so that we can serve our community better. 

We need to raise £450,000 URGENTLY!   

This land purchase is a historic moment for Green Lane Masjid, we are planning for our future generations to come.

Mohammed Saeed, Chair of Trustees

So why does Green Lane Masjid need to urgently expand?

Here at the masjid we are solution orientated, our community faces many challenges and we tackle them head on. We have over 50 services running from our site including services for our youth and sisters. Our community needs a safe space to flourish in and Green Lane Masjid aims to provide that. On many occasions our sisters have to pray on the streets due to a lack of space, our services have to be restricted as the floor space is fully booked and our youth do not have a dedicated centre. To move forward as a Muslim community Green Lane Masjid MUST expand.



will allow


An Increased Prayer Space


A Purpose Built Sisters Area

A Dedicated Youth Facility

Multi Purpose Use for all GLM activities

The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said “Whoever builds a Masjid for Allah, Allah will build him/her a house in Paradise.”

Take Action and Donate TODAY!


The land that we are purchasing is approximately 8580 sqft and houses three industrial units which are currently being let. The plan is to keep these units on rent whilst we raise the funds to start our extension project.

Aerial Shot

More Rewards Than You Can Imagine

On a daily basis we all sin, we know that good deeds wipe out sins. Did you know that by contributing to Green Lane Masjid you will get the reward for EVERYTHING listed below!

Services We Provide


That's well over 500,000 rewards... 

for just a small price!

Green Lane Masjid has always been here for the community, in my capacity as Imam for over 18 years I have seen the community grow Alhamdullilah! This expansion project is much needed.

Qari Zaka Ullah - Head Imam, Green Lane Masjid

I work closely with the youth at Green Lane Masjid  and they need a space of their own. They feel great love and attachment to the masjid and it would be fantastic for them to have a pace of their own. Please support this project. 

Imam Mustafa - Youth Imam, Green Lane Masjid

Future of GLMCC!

As our Muslim community expands – so does the work of Green Lane Masjid. We wish to create a Masjid that is inclusive and genuine. Our aim is to welcome tens of thousands of youth through our doors, provide a safe space for our sisters and ensure they are an integral part in the running of the masjid. Our education and dawah programmes should reach millions of people across the world. Our Masjid should be accessible for our elderly and disabled congregation. We wish to facilitate Jannah for everyone!

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