Press Release: Taskforce GLM raises £115K in 3 hours to build shelters for flood victims in Pakistan

The devastation left by the floods in Pakistan is still very much raw and the desperation is apparent. The latest estimates place around 2,000 people dead, thousands injured and more than 2 million homes damaged or destroyed. Millions of people remain displaced in make-shift tents, as flood water has not relented in a third of the country. On Friday the 4th of November, we held a fundraising dinner and raised an astonishing £115K during the night. The money raised and pledged will be used to build around 60 flood-resistant brick shelters to house displaced families. We have an ongoing appeal to support those who have been affected by the floods. Our Taskforce GLM Head of Projects, Liakat Younis, was recently on the ground yet again in Pakistan with our partners Islamic Relief, delivering aid and assessing how the situation has developed and what is still needed to support those affected by the floods.


Liakat says,

“The world seems to be turning its attention away from Pakistan at a time when it needs it most. The water has not receded much and the cold winter is approaching. In the north it snows and I can imagine frozen lakes of flood water. We need to remain focused and keep campaigning. The flood victims urgently need housing and shelter from what’s coming.”


At GLM, we have been answering the urgent call from the people of Pakistan:

  • We have sent hundreds of thousands of pounds in emergency donations
  • The Taskforce team alongside Islamic Relief, are on the ground delivering food and medical aid
  • Almost £50K was raised during an emergency radio appeal on Unity FM in September after the floods first hit
  • During our Friday congregational prayers, thousands of pounds have been raised
  • Bucket collections were held in our local Morrisons and Al Halal supermarkets
  • We are continuing to raise awareness through the media on BBC radio, TV and Birmingham Mail



In Islam, we learn that the preservation of life is integral to our faith. Allah the Almighty says in the Qur’an:

“…whoever saves a life, it will be as if they saved all of humanity.”


To donate to this urgent cause, please visit


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